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This combination does not exist.

Brand: AP
Condition: New
Type of Part: Genuine/ OEM
Model of Jaguar: XJS facelift 1991-1996, Late XJ40 1989-1995, X300 models 1995-1997
Part number: CBC9674-KIT
Made in: England
Quality: OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer

This listing is for a kit to replace a  CBC9674 black slave cylinder on a Getrag 290. The original slaves are not available new and commonly fail. 

The black slave in the pictures is not included. It is pictured to show the difference between the original slave (silver) and the origional which this kit replaces (black).

What is included in the Kit:

1x new replacement slave cylinder  CBC9674

1 x Flexi hose

1x 1 meter of 1/4 inch copper pipe

1x male  M12 union

1x female M12 union

1 x push rod

There is a few things you need to change in order for this Getrag 265 slave kit to fit:

1) You need to replace the pipe that runs from the master to the slave. In the kit we supply both the correct unions to fit onto the master and the flexi hose. You will need a brake pipe flaring tool to do this.

2)This slave will have a slightly different push range to the original slave you are replacing. To counter this you need to replace your push rod with the one supplied

3) It can require a lot of force to push the slave into place. We recommend cracking the bleed nipple to relieve any pressure and we also recommend having another person to help get the slave bolts on. This can be done by hand. 

This is a kit that is tried and tested. It works very well and delivers good results. If you are unsure of anything we have mentioned or if you are unsure on fitment, please get in touch and one of the team will be happy to help.


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