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This combination does not exist.

Brand: Simply Performance
Condition: New
Type of Part: Genuine/ OEM, Performance
Model of Jaguar: XJS pre facelift 1975-1991, XJS facelift 1991-1996
Compatibility: XJS upto (V) 188104, 3.6 & 4.0 AJ6 XJS's
Made in: England
Material: Stainless Steel
Features: Supplied with centre boxes

This listing is for a full 3.6 or early 4.0 XJS complete stainless steel exhaust system with centre boxes. This system is compatible for cars upto 188104 chassis number (around 1993) after this the rear box changed. This is our full standard replacement system with centre boxes. 

The specification of this system is modeled on the 4.0 AJ6 1991-1993. This system is very similar to the 3.6 XJS system but has a larger diameter Y section and centre box. Replaced as a full system its completely interchangeable with all 3.6 and 4.0 upto 1993. 

The exhausts we produce are hand made here in the UK in 304 grade material. Our system is made to the patterns of the OE system so you can take all of our parts and they can be fitted within a 4.0 AJ6 original system. The system is a free flowing system. All the joints and bends are made to be the least restrictive as possible. They use standard Jaguar fittings and as you are buying the whole system it comes with all the joints, olives, clamps and bolts as a kit. This is our boxed system which is designed to be as quiet as possible. It still will likely be louder then standard due to it being stainless steel rather then mild steel . If you are looking for a louder version of this system we have a centre box delete system listed under part number: FS-AJ6XJSREP

The rear boxes are a light performance version along with an original style tip that is made as an oversize style 2 1/4" OD which give the car a nice deep tone on idle, upon acceleration you get a cleaner note. The system does sound different to a standard steel system. Although its boxed there will be more noticeable but inside it will still be quiet modest at most speeds. If you are looking for something louder you can see our system with centre box deletes listed under part number: FS-AJ6XJSREP

As we did not get cats until 1992 here in the UK we do not install the lambda sensors in the downpipe as standard, We do have a downpipe with the lambda boss/ bung pre welded, if you have cats then this may be something that would be good for you. Please remember, this system is a de-cat, you will have to check your local law whether that is OK or not. 

We offer a complete kit which also includes the fitting kit but all parts can be bought individually and are listed on this website under their part numbers. This is much more expensive as this full system is discounted as a system price

This system has part numbers:

Downpipe CAC2521

Centre Y section: CBC8916

Centre boxes CBC8914 & CBC8915

Over axles CAC5620 & CAC5621

Rear boxes CAC2494

Tips CAC6068 & CAC6069

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